SMART USER INCENTIVE - Surest Way To Enjoy Massive Discounts!


Good news is here again !!!

Thanks to the leadership of Life Changing Group Academy, Invest In Your Health Initiative ௧ Health First Organization  

Finally we have been able to bring to you the opportunity to invest in your health as a smart user providing you direct access to the company called Forever Living Products you already know about.

Starting from today, if your goal is to :
Get #Pregnant and have a healthy baby
☑ Get rid of that annoying #Fibroid Mass

☑ Get rid of #PID infection
☑ Last longer with your married partner 
☑  Enjoy general #wellness and #fitness
☑ Or send Healthy hampers as gift to your family and love ones 

Then this Smart User Incentive program is for you !

Over the years, the available means of buying the products online or offline has been at retail price from distributors who buys it at wholesale from the company.

But today, i am giving you the golden opportunity to enjoy all the benefits all distributors of FLP enjoy by you having your own unique ID# as a Smart user (NOT a Business Partner ) and have direct access  to order any of over 250 products of FLP you have been using before now,getting them at a discounted rate in your name.

This initiative is strictly for those conscious of their health, as we have seen from latest medical research that using organic products helps us to stay healthier, look younger , reverse premature aging and prevents many of the illness associated with using products of synthetic origin.

Its no longer news that the creams and makeup products if synthetic do cause many health issues like fibroid, lip cancers, and infertility. thats why is best you switch all your personal care range of products to that of FLP so as to be protected and more healthier.

Spending our money to look & feel good regularly is much more profitable than treating the effect of kidney transplant due to unhealthy lifestyle posed by synthetic products.

What you can get for you and your family in FLP includes:

  Your supplements
  Your Healthy Drinks
  Energy Drinks
  Perfume for men and women
  Avocado soap for adults
  Face & Body soap for adults and new borns
  Makeups for ladies
  Skin care packs for ladies and the list goes on..

Its our outmost aim that we all work together to build a healthier nation which starts with YOU

(Click on your Country)

→ Australia
→ Aruba
→ Cyprus
→ Greece
→ Grenada
→ Honduras
→ Hong Kong
→ India
→ Israel
→ Kenya
→ Lesotho
→ Liberia
→ Zambia
→ Zimbabwe

If your Country is not on the list above, kindly Click Here to Contact us so that we can assist you on how to also be part of the Smart User invest in your Health initiative in your Country.


 1. If you are in Nigeria, get back to me if your password was not sent to you after submitting your online form .

2. REMEMBER, Due to the high number of online marketers ordering the products directly from the same warehouse online, once you confirm the product(s) you want is available, dont waste time thinking you may find it there in some days time, ORDER IT RIGHT AWAY! 

So,  fill the online form accurately with your details. once done, your FLP ID number will be sent to you. together with your password.  this 2 details is what you will use to make your order in your name online.

Once you have received your FLP ID in your email, get back to me so that i will show you the Step Two.

What You Are To Send to Me:
1. Your Name (as written on the form you filled)
2. Your email

3. Your FLP ID number 

Send SMS / Email : +234 803 918 3106  or

STEP TWO includes:

1. How to access the secured online shopping website of forever living products 
2. All the processes to take to make the order in your name and have it delivered to your doorstep at a token price. 

Have any questions, feel free to call / whatsapp.

If you are on Whatsapp, and you have received your FLP ID Number, Click Here to chat with us on Whatsapp on the next step to take


Stay Healthy Forever.
Call / Whatsapp: +234 803 918 3106 

Proudly supported by , Life Changing Group Academy, Health First Organization and Invest in Your Health initiative.

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